A picturesque town called Valldemossa.

I did not know Chopin has a connection to this place not until I got there. So it was a sort of a surprise, but that piece of story is just a bonus as the town in itself is charming and very picturesque. Enjoy some of the photos that I have taken while walking around this small town without using google map and just appreciating the things around you, getting lost for a while.

“The highest town in Mallorca is probably best-known as the place where the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin and his lover, the French writer George Sand, spent the winter of 1838/9, staying in rented rooms in the monastery. And, as a result, it’s probably Mallorca’s most visited town.” – www.abc-mallorca.com

For the Mallorcans, Valldemossa has a more important claim to fame: it was the birthplace of the island’s only saint: Santa Catalina Thomas. Leave the busier part of the town, and head for the church of Sant Bartomeu; in the peaceful C/Rectoría behind it, you can visit her tiny birthplace and shrine. – http://www.abc-mallorca.com

2 thoughts on “A picturesque town called Valldemossa.

  1. Thank you Peter. Our trip to Valldemossa was unplanned so we did not have time to read about it before we went. I’ll check the book the next time I go to Mallorca. It’s one of my favourite summer destinations. CHEERS!!!

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  2. Wonderful pictures of a great little village. Everybody seems to HAVE to touch Chopins nose 🙂 Are you familiar with the novel George Sand wrote about heir stay in Valldemosa? It’s called A winter in Mallorca (in English) and every tourist shop sells it (in a thousand or so translations). It was not a very happy winter though. Chopin suffered from tuberculoses or at least of a lung illness and George Sand hated the locals. The book is definately worth a read anyway. 🙂 And Valldemosa a visit!

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