Rainy day in Soller

The weather forecast for the day was showers and thunderstorm. So we decided to skip the beach and visit the small town of Soller nestled in the Serra de Tramuntana. We spent most of out time in a coffee shop as the rain started to pour after we found our parking on the side streets. It was late during the day, just a few minutes before the sun sets when the rain stopped and we are able to go around the town.

On our way to Soller.
The road to Soller was scenic specially when you are nearing the town of Soller, as you can see… you have the view of UNESCO World Heritage site Serra de Tramuntana.
Driving on the Soller tunnel.
Walking in the streets of Soller
Locals going out from the Church.
The Main Plaza in Soller surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops and other retail shops.
Do de Pit – The coffee shop where we got stuck for a few hours while waiting for the rain to stop.
at the Soller Train Station
One thing you can do in Soller is walk around it’s alleys and admide it’s unique charm and architecture.
It seemed like we were late for the town fiesta.
After all the tourist have left, the street is emplty and quite.
Aside from drving you can also reach the town of Soller by taking this wodent train from Palma. It is 28 km in distance and will give you a spectacular views, the only thing was that the first time we went to Soller the train was so full you have no space to sit down and enjoy the trip.
The sunset relecting from the mountain range of Serra de Tramuntana.

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