Antwerp, Belgium

It was an unplanned trip. Our destination was Brussels but when we learned that the travel time to Antwerp is just less than an hour by train, we decided to go on a day trip. Here is a glimpse of Antwerp taken while cycling around the city.

Tip! If you have limited time like us, I suggest you explore the city by bike. It is suggested to use a bike rental company rather than the city’s public bicycle hire scheme as renting is complicated for a tourist. The scheme is designed for the locals to use. There is a bike rental company within the central train station. The owner is a friendly man (sorry I forgot his name and lost the calling card he gave me) who will give you directions on which route to take.

3 thoughts on “Antwerp, Belgium

  1. Happy you liked ly city 🙂


      1. Always welcome 🙂


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