PORTO, a city of some of the World’s Most Beautiful Places.

     The highlight of my visit to Porto was seeing some of the world’s most beautiful places. It is a city with one of worlds most beautiful train station, one of the ten most beautiful bookstore in the world, one of the ten most beautiful cafe in the world and the most beautiful McDonald’s outlet in the world. Yes! McDonald’s!

     Here are some of the Photo’s that I have taken in my recent trip to Porto and some bits of story I grabbed from Wikipedia and Atlas Obscura.



The Eagle on the facade as well as the original art deco interior design made it different from the rest of the McDonald’s outlet. It is regarded by many as the most beautiful Mcdonald’s outlet in the world.

The Inside interior is a beautiful example of Art Nouveau. One of the world’s most beautiful cafe.  “The Majestic Café is a wonderful place, where muses, thinkers and artists can get together to live the best moments life has to offer: simply sharing communication through words and gestures,glances smiles and even a few tears sometimes.” – Gloria Montenegro (President of the Paris Academy of Coffeeology)


Porto, Sao Bento Train Station – One of the world’s most beautiful train station. The most notable aspect of São Bento Station is the large, magnificent tile panels in the vestibule.


The French Beaux-Arts structure holds within 20,000 magnificent azulejo tin-glazed ceramic tiles depicting Portugal’s past – its royalty, its wars, and its transportation history. The blue and white tiles were placed over a period of 11 years (1905–1916) by artist Jorge Colaço.


Livraria Lello, also known as Livraria Lello & Irmão or Livraria Chardron, is a bookstore located in central Porto, Portugal. It is one of the oldest bookstores in Portugal. It is frequently rated among the top bookstores in the world, placing third in lists by the Lonely Planet and The Guardian.



The bookstore was frequented by JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, when she taught English in Porto and is reported to be an inspiration for her writing. Elements of the facade and much of the interior are decorated in Art Nouveau, with some features of the Gothic Revival.

Next time Porto the world heritage site!

3 thoughts on “PORTO, a city of some of the World’s Most Beautiful Places.

  1. That’s Porto added to my bucket list.


    1. Hi Helen! make sure your bring tons of gigabyte for your camera 😀

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      1. Sure will. 😊 it’s Lisbon this year, maybe Porto next year.

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